Detection of Colorectal Cancer by an Immunochemical Quantified FOB Test with Automated Reading

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Laboratorinė medicina. 2009,
t. 11,
Nr. 4,
p. 205 -

Detection of Colorectal Cancer by an Immunochemical Quantified FOB Test with Automated Reading

Pavel Elsakov, Laima Skrickienė


Background. The early diagnosis of colorectal cancer (CRC) can lead to a de­tection of more curable tumors and a fol­lowing reduction in mortality from CRC. The concept of early diagnosis of CRC takes into account the development of the fecal occult blood screening test and ap­plications of colonoscopy.

The study is aimed to introduce the Immunochemical FOB test for CRC screening in average risk patients by physicians at primary health care set­tings. It is expected the study will help to introduce the Immunochemical FOB test with automated reading into medical practice for early CRC diagnosis and might be suggested as an option for a CRC country-wide prophylactic program.

Material and methods. The oc-sen- sor Immunochemical FOB test (Eiken) meets the requirements and therefore can be recommended for CRC screening. At Vilnius Centro Policlinic, every patient (individual) 50-74 years old, who is contact with his general practice physi - cian and accepts to enter into the study according to Lithuanian Bioethics Com­mittee confirmed rules. The patient (indi­vidual) gets an Immunochemical FOB test (oc-sensor, Eiken) for 2 days from General practice physician, fills and re - turns into a laboratory. In the laboratory the (oc-sensor-micro, Eiken) test is devel­oped, read and Hb quantified by the auto­mated instrument. The one of two days tests with HB >50 ng/ml is positive. Pa­tients (individual) with positive test have to be examined by colonoscopy.

Results. 114 patients were tested for prophilactic of CRC. In the 26 (22.8%) pa­tients tests were Hb quantified. In the 16 (14.1%) patients with positive test a value of Hb was more than 50 ng/ml and in the 10 (8.7%) patients was less than 50 ng/ml.

Conclusions. Immunochemical FOB test (Eiken) is easy for use in general practice as for patients, as for physicians and in laboratory. The high sensitivity and specificity of test for cancer and ad­vanced adenoma will reduce number of colonoscopies that increase effectiveness of colorectal screening program.

Keywords: immunochemical fecal occult blood (FOB) test, occult bleeding, oc-sen- sor (Eiken), colorectal cancer.


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