Experimental mice and rats mammary cancer models (review)

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Laboratorinė medicina. 2013,
t. 15,
Nr. 3,
p. 167 -

Experimental animal models are valuable to understand etiology of the disease, the mechanisms of its pathogenesis, the efficacy of new preventive, diagnostic and treatment measures. They are essential for preclinical human disease studies. Due to genetic features, large breeding capacity, short gestation period, small size and possibilities to reflect many human diseases the mice and rats are often used in experimental oncology.

Those animal mammary tumours may be transplantable, spontaneous or induced by various factors - viruses, hormones, chemically induced or induced by radiation.

Using modern genetic technologies new mammary cancer animal models were developed. This is very important for studies of many aspects of carcino-genesis and response to treatment as well. In this review various experimental mammary cancer models are discussed.

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