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,,Laboratorinė medicina" – is a peer-review scientific journal whose International Standard Serial Number is ISSN 1392-6470 and who has been issued once in a quarter since 1999. The journal is aimed at doctors of various specialties, including employees of clinical laboratories, medicine biologist, master students, doctoral students, researchers, lecturers, students, laboratory assistants of clinics.


Original scientific articles, results of fundamental experiments and clinical results, clinical cases and reviews of scientific studies are published in the journal as well as the analyses of issues regarding the management of clinical laboratories and the evaluation of quality. Also, various novelties and discussions regarding laboratory methods, results of studies on the history of medicine and other important information can be found in the publication.


The journal has been included in the list of Lithuanian Scientific Publications Suitable for Doctoral Theses since 2000 (Valstybės žinios 2000, No 98).


Since November 15, 2006, “Laboratory medicine” has been included into INDEX COPERNICUS - The Central and Eastern European Scientific Journals Ranking System (www.cisi.org arba http://journal.indexcopernicus.com).


Articles and other material are published in the Lithuanian and English languages.


Article publication is free-of-charge; the priority is given to PhD students.

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